Exciting Announcement with African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF) and Paula Abdul - Collaboration and Empowerment!

Creating Positive Change: Paula Abdul, ACCF, and GV Unite for Good!

We are so excited to collaborate with African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF) as they join forces with the talented singer, actress, dancer & choreographer Paula Abdul! The Straight Up For Africa campaign kicked off on International Dance Day and showcases local African women and young people demonstrating their native dances. Paula will then choreograph an original dance that will encompass many of the unique and extraordinary steps and movements of those dances.

Rural Africa can be a difficult place for young women to grow up and thrive. This campaign seeks to empower those who will participate in hopes of creating awareness and possibilities for them throughout the continent.

Be sure to follow along on Paula Abdul’s social media now through December, and don’t forget to tune in when Paula travels to Africa in November to teach the locals her new dance!

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Dance Empowers Africa: Collaboration