Direct to Consumer Advertising

As a direct-to-consumer business, getting in front of your target market is vital to your success. At Goodbye Vanilla we understand the importance of finding an agency you can trust to create results, and we take immense pride in the results we’ve generated for similar businesses. With a host of immensely successful clientele, we are confident we can drive your traffic and sales as well.

Review our case studies below for a clear picture of what we can generate for your business. For more information or to get started on your campaign, contact us today.

Cleint: PSD Underwear

Objective: PSD engaged GV to leverage a new paid channel (TikTok) to drive traffic at the top of the funnel and get new people to visit and explore the PSD brand/website. Subsequently, the purpose of the Facebook campaigns were to retarget individuals and get them to convert.

Results: Drove significantly more traffic than any other channel and at a fraction of the cost. Hit key metric growth quarter over quarter despite challenges from iOS updates and platform attribution changes.


Client: Breakfast with the Pope

Objective: Economically drive popular book sales on Amazon.

Results: 33 positive reviews, exceptional growth in sales, near sellout (1 book left).