E-Commerce Social Media Agency

As one of the premier Paid Social agencies in the United States, we have extensive experience in executing top-tier campaigns for Retail and e-commerce providers. Our laser-like focus on generating the best possible return on investment for our clients has resulted in eye-popping increases in engagement, revenue, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

To start driving your product’s growth, contact us today. For more insights on what we can do for you, review our case studies below.

Client Case Study #1: Market Leading National Manufacturer and Retailer

Objective: The client engaged GV to advise and define a strategic path forward through best-in-class paid and organic social media implementation

Results: Increased revenue 128% year over year. Moreover, we beat total revenue for the entire previous year in a single quarter, despite spending significantly less. Drove nearly 40 overall ROAS and over 8 for click ROAS.

Client Case Study #2: Market Leading National Franchising Retailer

Objective: To create and execute a best-in-class social marketing strategy to prospect new customers and drive sales across retail and e-commerce.

Results: Hit constant MoM and YoY double digit ROAS targets where the industry benchmark is 4:1 and navigated paid social to be the leading company-wide online sales channel measured by budget allocation.

Client Case Study #3: Fortune 500 Retailer

Objective: Design ad hoc, niche social marketing programs to drive customer engagement and event turnout, promote featured products, and drive online sales.

Results: 130% engagement growth, accelerated product sales, and promoted events and partnerships.

Client Case Study #4: Fortune 500 Retailer

Objective: To create a social-first sizzle reel demonstrating product innovation.

Results: The video was successfully deployed across both internal leadership groups and as a forward facing consumer piece